2017 International Exhibition of Pulp and Paper Industry in India

2019-02-25 16:58:06 伊斯泰

Easttai was invited to participate in the 2017 India International Exhibition on Pulp and Paper Industry


In 2013-2014, India's annual GDP growth rate is expected to reach 6% to 7%, and its economic growth rate ranks second in the world, second only to China. Corporate M&A transactions and foreign direct investment continue to grow. By 2025, India is expected to become the fifth largest consumer goods market. India is the second most populous country in the world, but the per people consumption of toilet paper is less than 0.1kg. With the improvement of India's economic situation and the enhancement of hygiene awareness, the demand for products such as napkins, boxed tissues and kitchen papers in India is increasing, and the annual growth rate of the market will reach 15% to 20%.

The exhibition brought together 525 paper companies, paper making equipment and raw material suppliers from 27 countries and regions. With an exhibition area of 22,500 m2, the exhibition attracted more than 21,000 professional visitors from all over the world.


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